See How Far You Can Go
Mobile Html5 Game


To increase brand awareness and social media engagement on Brand USA’s WeChat account as modality to further motivate travelers to choose the USA as their next destination.
Creative Solution:
Similar to the well-known concept of ‘spot the difference,’ the Hylink team took this idea a step further by embedding a storytelling element to an engaging H5 game that educated Chinese users about U.S. destinations in a fun, playful manner.
Game Name:
Discover Your Perfect US Traveler Style (我的玩「美」旅行Style)
The game consists of eight rounds, each featuring one U.S. destination. Users collect items throughout their journey and store it in personalized luggage.
Once the user completes the game, they are assigned a particular ‘traveler type’ or persona, each of which is linked to a WeChat article which includes a recommended U.S. travel itinerary.
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User Journey

Land on game
Spot differences
8 rounds, 8 destinations
Select an Item
16 items in total
Enter your name
Generate your luggage and traveler type

Traveler Types

Your suitcase reveals that you are an adventure seeker. You love to tackle all the challenges that come with exploring new travel destinations.
Your suitcase reveals that you love walking, you prefer to fully experience the sights and sounds on foot.
Your suitcase reveals that you are a stylish traveler and you always make sure you are prepared for any occasion
Your suitcase reveals that you are a selfie lover. Others catalog their trips through memory. You catalog yours through a camera.
Your suitcase reveals that you are a master of efficient packing. You know the difference between what's needed versus wanted. This allows you to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.
Your suitcase reveals that you are a foodie who appreciates the local scenery and, more importantly, the local cuisine.
Your suitcase reveals that you love driving. If a car is within reach, there is no destination that's off limits.
Your suitcase reveals that you are a travel daydreamer, and your thirst for wanderlust knows no bounds.